Valentines Killer Nerd Gifts: For Him EDITION

Valentines day is almost here and there are some pretty sweet swag items out there this year for that special Nerd in your life! If you are stuck however and can’t pick we highly recommend some of these special items. We decided that the best way to break these down was by length of relationship but we have given you a couple of options for each point of your relationship. Enjoy and feel free to throw out some more suggestions in the comments below!

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New Nerd Valentines

Those fledgling relationships can always be a little tricky to navigate around, obviously some sort of relevant gift needs to be given but nothing that is going to the break the bank to hard. For guys there are simple ways to show you appreciate the nerd in them without spending your life savings on something way to huge for a start up relationship. Ties, t-shirts and tickets are the definite recommendation for the young love. Simple things that show you care!

Next Level Valentines Nerd

You have been tied to the same nerd for a while and you know the intricacies of all his nerdiness. Your gift should adequately reflect both your grasp of his nerdiness as well as the level of commitment to your relationship. Something to decorate the apartment with, lingerie or just out right nerdy awesomeness are all in order for your man this Valentines! Pick wisely and you will blow him away.

Lifelong Valentines Nerds

There is no escaping that nerd that managed to steal your heart. His ability to nerd like no other has captured your heart and your gift should adequately reflect that. Now it can be difficult after time to find the perfect gift for the nerd who has everything. Statues, swag and anything from the rest are all part and parcel but the more creative you get and the more unique the gift the better of you will be. Go classy, go unique, go rare and you will blow away that very special nerd.


All the best in your hunt for the perfect for Him gift! It is no easy task but take the time and make sure you know your nerds loves and passions. Pick the perfect gift and you will have won a valentine for life!


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