Batman Vs Superman Leaks Give Us Some Sneak Peeks!

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is just weeks away from finally being released, and along with a slew of TV spots and the final trailer, we’ve got some new promo pictures to fuel anticipation. But before we take a look at them, let’s just bask in the awesomeness of the third trailer…

These images come to us via two new books: Guide To The Caped Crusader and Guide To The Man Of Steel (hat tip to CBR). While Superman’s book contains mostly stills from the trailers, Batman’s actually has a ton of never-before-seen images of the Batcave, Bruce Wayne’s gadgets and his parents…

Bruce Wayne’s Troubled Past

We caught a glimpse at young Bruce in the first Batman V Superman trailer, as an unknown assailant shoots his parents. The footage was very brief, and now we have a look at the Wayne family’s happier times…

Martha, Thomas and Bruce Wayne.


Judging by their outfits, it looks like this shot is right before the Waynes get, uh, shot, in an alleyway. This photo also gives us a good look at Lauren Cohan, who was recently confirmed to be playing Martha Wayne.

Epic New Batmobile

We’ve already seen plenty of promos featuring the Batmobile, and with good reason: It’s a seriously cool design.

The Batmobile in all its glory.

Those doors are pretty sweet, but Superman doesn’t seem to think much of the car’s design…

New Gadgets In The Batcave

Batman wouldn’t be Batman without his gadgets, and it looks like the Batcave is very well equipped!

Classic Caped Crusador gadgets

You can’t beat some good, old-fashioned, bat-shaped throwing stars! Also, is that a crossbow?

These guns are super cool

Gotta say of the weapons revealed so far, these guns are my personal favorite. The design is really interesting, almost steampunk-esque, and we’ve already seen them in action in the first Batman V Superman trailer…The gun seems to double as a grappling hook, and it’s going to be interesting to discover its other uses.

An integral part of the Batsuit

Batman’s mask isn’t just for hiding his identity: It seems to be an integral and complex part of his armor. And speaking of armor…

Batman Suits Up

We know that Bruce will don the armored Batsuit to help him fight Superman, and here it is in all its glory.

Batman Batsuit

Safety first! But before Bruce suits up to battle Superman, he’s just gonna chill with Alfred in the Batcave for a little bit…

Movie night with Bruce and Alfred

This is quite an interesting, pared-down approach to the Batcave. This Bruce Wayne clearly values efficiency and substance over style.You can check out some more of the new images here! And I’ll just go back to counting down the days until Dawn Of Justice is released…


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