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Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has released a video teasing the characters featured the script for the Spawn film. Last month, he revealed that he had completed the script for the film and that Spawn was ‘back.’ The most recent update McFarlane has released for his upcoming endeavor is that he is currently refining the second version of the film script, which is currently around 132 pages long.  The average film script is around 120 long, dedicating one minute of film time per page (aiming for a two hour film), so McFarlane isn’t too far off from creating a full length feature film.

 McFarlane Shares His Latest Thoughts

In the video, McFarlane lets his camera settle on the script itself revealed Twitch and Danny. Twitch has been a part of the Spawn series since 1992, before he moved on to his own series ‘Sam and Twitch’ in 1999. The character is a part of the police department. The other character shown in the script is ‘Danny.’ Though it isn’t clear, Danny could very well be Daniel Llanso of the spin-off Spawn series ‘Curse of the Spawn.’ Unfortunately, as much as we want to say that the film is a ‘go’ it has yet to gain support from any film studio and is currently just a script. There are no actors set for the film, no studio has picked it up.

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