Halo 5 Firefight Beta Lands!

The Halo fan favorite Firefight is finally returning to Halo 5 and a beta will come later this month to let players get a taste of what Warzone Firefight will feel like. Not long ago 343 Industries announced that Warzone Firefight would be coming to Halo 5, the mode would be a mix between Halo 5 Warzone and traditional Firefight. 343 detailed that up to eight players would play together to defeat five rounds of increasingly more difficult aliens and that player would use their REQ items to gain the upper hand. However, they didn’t tell anyone about the release date for the new mode, just that it would be coming during the summer.



Halo 5 Warzone Firefight Beta Details

Now gamers won’t have to wait for summer to play Warzone Firefight. Someone went digging in the Ghost of Meridian info page and found the dates for the beta of Warzone Firefight. The beta dates are from April 14 to April 18, from Thurday to Monday. Warzone firefight beta will be open for all Halo 5 players, no need to register or do anything special, just play as normal.Besides a beta for Warzone Firefight coming soon, two other big updates are scheduled, first the Ghost of Meridian update which is already out, and then the update that will bring back the Infection mode.343 Industries sure are taking care of their game and keeps on spoiling the community with big free content drops. With Destiny’s fan base dwindling and 343 continuing to dish out amazing free content drops it leaves little debate as to which of the two has a bright future ahead!

Which of the upcoming drops for Halo 5 are you most excited for? Does 343’s decision to continue providing free content drops make you more interested in Halo 5 then Destiny? Let us know below and don’t forget to subscribe to Nerd Currency to get all the latest from the Nerd Nation!


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