Judge Dredd Sequel Might Be Hitting Netflix

2012’s Dredd may not have been a huge hit with mainstream moviegoers or critics, but hardcore fans of the series loved it, and the movie became an instant cult hit. Unfortunately, cult-classic status doesn’t always translate into sequels. Dredd star Karl Urban hinted at a sequel in 2014, but the movie’s writer Alex Garland later shot down the idea. Hell, according to Garland even good DVD sales weren’t going to make a difference.

Of course, that hasn’t put a damper on fans who need to see the Judge shoot some more bad guys in the face. Their latest strategy is to petition Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services to make a new movie or TV series. The Bring Back Dredd petition, which kicked off in January, has picked up nearly 150,000 signatures, as well as the support of Karl Urban himself. Recently, a fan tweeted Urban this slick mock-up of what Dredd 2 might look like on Netflix…

Judge Dredd

…and Urban offered this pretty-encouraging response.

Karl Urban Judge Dredd

Could Dredd 2 Actually Happen?


Could it actually happen on Netflix or some other streaming service? It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility. The first film in the series only cost $45 million to make, and they could probably shave that down even further for a sequel. Netflix’s pockets may not be quite as deep as a Hollywood movie studio, but they did pay 60 million for The Ridiculous 6, so why not throw 30 or 40 million at a decent Dredd sequel?

What do you think? Is sequel a possibility, or is it about as likely as a sequel to the Sylvester Stallone movie? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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