No Man’s Sky Delay Leads To Death Threats!

Video game fans are passionate, no doubt, but sometimes that passion bleeds over into less-than-savory behavior. Take, for instance, the case of game developer Sean Murray — he’s the guy in charge of Hello Games, the studio that’s making “No Man’s Sky.”

Never heard of it? It’s this gorgeous game right here about space exploration:

no man's skyHello GamesIn “No Man’s Sky,” you’ll explore a near-infinite universe with billions of planets, each with their own geographical landscape and wildlife.

It’s coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC this August. But that’s a new development — the game was originally scheduled to launch on June 21. Its delay was officially announced on Friday evening, but the delay was reported earlier this week by Kotaku; that’s an important detail to pay attention to, because there was a period of uncertainty between the Kotaku report and the official announcement of the delay. During those few days, Hello Games and Sony stayed silent on social media regarding the report; they also didn’t respond to press requests for a statement.

In that period of uncertainty, Hello Games received a number of death threats from aggrieved fans who wanted answers. Murray tweeted about the experience on Saturday night expressing his thoughts on a long running list of death threats. Murray is a congenial, shy gentleman. He’s nice enough that he’s quick to make a joke about the experience of receiving death threats over the delay of a video game. But let’s be clear: what Murray’s dealing with is far from an okay response to — again — the delay of a video game. Should Hello Games have responded to the rumor earlier? Perhaps.

Murray acknowledged that as well they were slow to update the community and that the lack of communication was largely due to legal/internal complications in doing so. But that minor mistake is nowhere near a reasonable justification for threatening someone’s life. Murray didn’t respond to request for comment, but he did issue another goof on the death threats warning people he has rigged his studio into a makeshift trap house a la Home Alone. Here’s hoping that he’s safe and sound. “No Man’s Sky” launches on the PlayStation 4 and PC on August 9.


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