Kiss Vampirella is Ready to Rock You!

Mount Laurel-based Dynamite Entertainment has stockpiled a wealth of classic licensed properties, from James Bond to Red Sonja to the Shadow. Such a deep bench allows for some pretty interesting team-ups, such as this week’s KISS /Vampirella” #1, which teams the band that perfected putting pancake makeup on dudes with comics’ foremost female vampire.Christopher Sebela (“We(L)come Back”) writes and Annapaola Martello draws this five-issue mini, which is set in Los Angeles in summer 1974, when KISS were just starting out and Vampirella, according to the story, was fronting an all-girl rock band while simultaneously hunting monsters. The two parties team up to unravel an occult conspiracy threatening humanity and rock ‘n’ roll itself.

“I have been in love with Vampirella ever since Forry Ackerman created her,” KISS bassist and spokesman Gene Simmons said in a press release announcing the series. “For a wide-eyed kid who grew up voraciously devouring the pages of Warren Publications (Vampirella’s original publisher) … it’s a personal thrill to witness this momentous event in our four-decades-old, proud comic book history.”


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